“Matt’s Chance” screening in Indianapolis at …………… Wet Your Pants Comedy Film Festival

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“Matt’s Chance”
screening in
Wet Your Pants Comedy Film Festival
 Bill Sorice plays the Lead Role, ‘Gabor’
See details below…
(plus the Trailer, Behind the Scenes & Interviews)
The award-winning Matt’s Chance is a darkly comedic tale of love, revenge, and the fickle nature of human morality, written & directed by Nicholas Gyeney
and co-written by Comedian Edi Zanidache.
It tells the story of Matt, a down-on-his-luck loser who on his birthday night discovers his fiancée, Jessica, in bed with another man. As Matt (Edward Furlong) learns the true depth of Jessica’s betrayal, he begins a downward spiral revenge quest that pits him face to face with a wide array of characters including an Eastern European mobster (Bill Sorice), an eccentric pawn shop owner (Gary Busey), an aging stripper (Margot Kidder), and a barber with an agenda (Lee Majors)
Wet Your Pants
northwest side of Indianapolis
   April 27th @ 4pm
“Matt’s Chance” Trailer
(narrated by Bill Sorice)


Still of Gary Busey &
 “Matt’s Chance” Interviews @ Gasparilla International Film Festival
(a nice mention @ 2:05 by Nicholas Gyeney, director)
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